– the magic of fire for everyone

Who doesn’t like watching a vivid, dancing flame?
Fire has helped people for thousands of years – ensured protection from wild animals, given warmth and food, connoted home, family and safety. Those feelings have lasted in our minds until today and still make fire fascinate, attract and positively affect people.

At present, KAMA fire bio-fireplaces allow everyone to cherish real fire in their own apartment, house or garden. Instead of traditional wood, in the special furnace bioethanol, ecological fuel produced from vegetable materials, is burned. The fireplace does not smoke, emit poisonous fumes or produce ashes. The only products of incineration are carbon dioxide, water vapor and warmth, which can be used to heat the room. Bio-fireplaces do not require any chimney system and can be used in almost all types of interiors.

The main advantage of our products is their complete mobility. Their small weight allows you to move them someplace else quickly and easily. If it is beautiful outside, organize a garden party, and if it starts raining, move the fireplace to the patio or inside of the house. Anywhere you want, our bio-fireplace can be there with you, shedding around the magic of dancing flames and lifting everyone’s spirits.

KAMA fire fireplaces are very safe to use. The burners are specially structured, which prevents fuel from being spilled even if the fireplace is knocked over. The fire may be shielded with a pipe made of heatproof glass, which additionally reduces the possibility of accidental burns.

KAMA fire products mean uncompromising quality, beautiful designs and excellent technological solutions.

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